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Shadow Night




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The Bard

While Bards are valuable party members they do not make great solo players, be warned. 

In many ways Bards resemble Enchanters and although their crowd control techniques are not as fine tuned as the Enchanters, Bards don't use any mana in the process! If you are a social animal, that wants to heal, buff, speed up your group members, run faster than anyone else ever could, or what ever else in your repertoire you found your class! 

I hear you ask where are the draw backs? Not many actually although you will never be the best in anything (except in running).

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The Cleric

You want to heal everyone in sight?  Well maybe this is your class.

You will be in very high demand to join groups as your healing abilities are a must for every group. And if that is not enough, wait till your later levels when you can resurrect dead people! You will become a dead mans best friend!

Be warned however that you will be always in need of money! Why you ask? Easy, although you are a spell caster you can wear armor. Therefore not only you have to buy spells but, expensive armor too.

This class is not a good solo class especially in your later levels, if you chose it then look forward to grouping!

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The Druid

Well what can I say... do you want to travel? Your abilities will be in high demand!

Do you know what SOW is? No, well you will soon, as everyone you met will want it cast on them. You want to gate to any part of the land? Yes, and you can take your friends too!

Not only this but, much more is the sign of your class. No healer in group? No problem you can do that. You want to blast like a wizard? Well, although not as powerful you can make your stand. You need to buff people up? Yes, you can do that too! Guess what, you trying to track that monster? Surprise, that's no problem for you either.

Be warned though, you will never be the best at anything except for traveling, but then with all those skills... who cares? Good solo Class.

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The Enchanter

Well we got to my class! Let me warn you, this is a BAD solo class! You want to get your ass wiped by the closest blue monster? Yes, ok this is the class for you!

Having said that, you are one of the most, if not the most, valuable group members to be had. You will be the traffic warden of MOBs freezing and releasing them at your leisure! You will get great buffs and debuffs that will make your group able to attack and survive nice red monsters, quicker and easier than any other group in sight. Ever heard of Clarity? YOU WILL SOON as every caster around is going to be your best friend for it. 

So you think that this evens things out? Wrong, you can also enchant items! Right now we can enchant jewelry to make magical things. This alone makes you one of the most popular players around.

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The Magician

You want to feed the masses? Summon weapons and bandages? Need your own personal pet elemental? If you don't mind standing back and watching your pet do all the dirty work then I would choose this class.

Your group hungry or thirsty? Yes, well make some and feed them. That way you will not be constantly losing valuable party members while they go to the provisioner and the rest of the group may be left in deep situations!

With a strong pet as your ally and very good blasting abilities (2nd best to the wizard) this is a very good solo class, just blast and let your pet do the rest!

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The Monk

Did I hear you say... Karate or was that Kung Fu? Well you are lucky this is your class.

What are the drawbacks? Other than not having a BIG weapon to hold (rather pointless anyway as your body is your weapon), you will not be able to wear any armor, which translates in taking more hits. But then you will be dogging many of their blows and hitting them like a machine gun.

DID I MENTION FEIGN DEATH? No, well if you are in a tight spot take on the baddy solo and get your group to run, then just drop dead. You will have given your group a good head start and you will be only pretending to be dead! What more could I say...

Because of this skill I think that this makes a good solo class, although you will always need you favorite enchanter, shaman or bard handy to cast the quicken series spells on you... watch yourself go then!

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The Necromancer

So you want to be a mage and you want to solo right? Impossible! Well not for this class, the combination of having a strong pet with your fire power makes you a bad ass all-round.

Be warned that you will be considered Evil everywhere you go and therefore shopkeepers wont even sell you food, but then who cares? Muhahahahaha!

Another ability that's going to make you very popular especially at later levels is your ability to summon corpses to any location you are standing in a zone. This becomes particularly important as otherwise people may never be able to recover their bodies!

If you want a challenge and want to play solo then this is your class.


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The Paladin

Down to that last drop of health and want to go back to full in a split second? Yes, bravo you guessed it this is your class.

Not as powerful as a warrior or as good as a cleric in healing but, you are a mixture of both!

You or a group member about to bite the dust? No problem the paladin is here to work things out. Just by their touch they can restore a full bar of health to the unlucky traveler. Although this works once every 90 real time minutes, you can heal, mana permitting, any one all the time.

Because of their "relative" weakness as compared to the true warrior class player, this class is best played in groups. Besides it gets boring healing yourself... go out and help others, that's what this class is all about.

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The Ranger

So you want to track even the smallest thing around? Avoid the most dangerous ones out there? Find the most platinum loaded creatures? This sound like you, well choose this class then.

Although not as powerful as most of the pure tanks out there, you can stand your ground. But not only, as you can choose what to hunt, and get early warnings BEFORE you get close to dangerous encounters, you are one of the better solo classes out there.

This is especially true in the earlier levels as this ability alone will make you the most popular person out there. People will be looking for rangers to cut on their hunting time and remain in relative safety.

Description from Trevlyn Silverarrow:

True rangers are the unseen protectors. They walk the road less traveled, and from a distance keep watch over all things great and small. With their many inherent abilities, such as Tracking, foraging, hiding, and sense heading, they are able to survive for long periods of time in the distant reaches of Norrath. A ranger is forever the guide. Always knowing where he is at any given time. This makes him very valuable to any group of adventurers. Letting them travel deep into the dark forgotten reaches of Norrath and return again. 

Being able to use all the melee skills except Bash and Critical Hit, the rangers fighting skill is second only to the pure warrior. Now add onto this his ability to use an assortment of Cleric, Druid, Shaman, Enchanter, and Wizard spells, and you can see why the ranger can be a very powerful ally.

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The Rogue

You want to make money even when fighting? Hmmmm..... yes! Just pick pocket your adversary during the fight!

Because of the incredible ability to do huge amounts of damage when the creature they are fighting has its back turned to the rogue, this class is soloed with much difficulty as you will always need partners that regain the monster's attention.

Because you will be getting little armor and no spells you will be making big money with this class. Never underestimate the power of money... Luke!

If you want some satisfaction, just creep up behind that monster and with your poisoned dagger place it between their shoulder blades... then watch that message telling you just how much damage you did to it!

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The Shadow Knight

You like a challenge, want to be a magical warrior and want to be hated by everything that moves? hehehehe, choose this class.

This is a very tough class to play, not as good as a necromancer or as powerful as a warrior but a mixture of both.

You may have to wait to get really powerful but, when you do... everything in your way better run fast!

Not a good solo class, although you will also get feign death at later levels, try it and see what you think!

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The Shaman

A yellow monster? Where... crunch, oh there! Well in truth this is true at early levels, later on you will become the "tanks" best friend as you will be able to buff them up in every important department! Because of these abilities you will not be a good solo class but an excellent addition to any group!

A cross over between a fighter and cleric, this class has great buffs for all. Not only, you can heal too! If a troll or ogre is for you, so is this class.

You want to get from A to Z fast? Cast SOW on yourself and watch the landscape flow by. You will get this spell at lvl9 already!

Watch those green arms of yours crunch the poor things that cross your path, wave them to cast powerful spells and use use them to put that food and water you just created in your huge mouth.

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The Warrior

If you find yourself asking "what is magic anyway, when I can physically brutalize any creature that crosses my path?" then this is the class for you.

You will get weapons and armor that only a warrior can yield or wear, as well as being able to use any out threre, take the most amount of damage any class can take, and dish it out too!

Remember though, that armor and weapons are expensive and that you will not get ANY kind of magic. On the other hand, you will be the essential member of the group. You will be the front guy of any combat and as the most important group member... all the healers and buffers will concentrate on you. This way, you will more than make up for you lack of magic.

It is for this reason that although you can solo mobs one at the time you will not want to this. You need at least one healer with you at all times to reduce your healing time down drastically. With all those hit points on you it could take 15 minutes just to recover!

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The Wizard

Hmmm..... did I hear you say "BLAST"? No other magic class comes even near the wizard in shear offensive power.

Because you are so strong in offence you are very vulnerable in defense. You will find yourself in need of a tank to distract the monster just long enough to take the thing down in one shot. I have often grouped with wizards and must say that battles were over faster than they begun.

You may solo this class but if that is your way I would steer you away. It is true that you can kill whatever you are fighting with a few shoots... the problem is firing them while being beaten on! If you love to group and what to do the fireworks then this is your class.

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