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I wish to thank you for stopping by SaraChiara3's Web site. Following, I will try to describe her to you in some detail:

The construction is GRP, with the hull built at Fyberstamp (this is a company that makes hulls, and has made some, for example,  for Riva yachts) and the interiors and fittings by a team of subcontractors from Valdettaro (this is the yard that has, for example, rebuilt the classic yacht of Princess Caroline of Monaco). It is a custom built yacht, though not a one off. The prototype for this series called VIVA 48, was Serenissima and won a Transatlantic race.

This is the last yacht built on this design, and certainly the best. The quality and strength of the construction is quite unique, and comparable to the best standards in this industry. I am more than happy to have it surveyed and tested.

To visit the boat, Pisa Airport is very close, and Ryannair operates an extremely convenient flight from Stanstead, which allows you to fly in in the morning and out in the evening for around £100. I have friends who have come often on weekends, as it is cheaper than –say – Cornwall!

Should you wish to come, I shall be happy to pick you up at the airport and take you to Viareggio and back.

Finally, the conditions at which I sell the boat are the following:

-         new paint job of the colour of your choice (this is one thing the boat needs)

-         new upholstery of the colour of your choice (it is already new in the saloon)

-         test of all equipment, and service and/or substitution if defective

The reason for this is that I work in this industry, and would much rather sell a perfectly functional yacht than haggle on the price.

I love this boat dearly, and wish it to be handed over in top condition, and to an equally caring owner.