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North Ro - Saturday, 26 February 2000

A few days ago I was called by my Boss - Maar Skallagrim - of Skallagrim Weekly, to report to North Ro to cover a wedding that was to be celebrated. I must say that at first I was not impressed as I have been called to cover these so many times before!

Every time I ask my Boss why he always sends me to these boring things I always get the usual whack and answer – "it pays for your salary you dumb ass!"

So I get my equipment ready, while thinking that I really wanted to camp some of those orc pawns as they round up my meager wages; a few coppers here and there are nearly more that what I get paid for this job!

I head out to South Ro and get SOWed at the druid ring there, curtsey of that MEGA SUPER HYPER DUPER Eregil :) and head north for the oasis. I continue my journey northwards while running from those mean centurions that had heard rumors of me killing a few pawns. While tailing my butt I was looking back saying “try to catch me, nana nana!”. Just as I pronounced those words my SOW faded..... the rest was ugly!

But lets get back to the story at hand, as I arrived bandaged and bruised the ceremony had already begun:

As the diligent reporter I am, I walked around to draw some pictures of the ceremony (they haven't invented cameras yet, what ever they are!)

It was at about this time, that I began to notice that this was no ordinary wedding, as I looked around me I noticed something strange

3 GMs present at the wedding! - WOW, I remember saying to myself. It was only then, after all that rushing about and thinking of all those bonks I was going to get on my head from Maar for arriving late, that I started to look around. Hey that’s Cyntella and Kemric up there, I know them; why is it that I am always the last to know things around here.... GRRRRRRR! YOU SLAVE DRIVER MAAR.

The bad feelings soon faded as my heart filled with joy at the sight of them getting married, so I continued to make some drawings.

It was at about this time that I heard some grumbling in the crowd, I turned and there in one corner was Krax.

I went close to him and tried to speak some words of comfort, the result was that I ended with a mouthful of sand! By the time I managed to breathe again, the ceremony was coming to a close and after a drink of water, I drew some more pictures.

And they were Wed! Tears run down from my ayes, cleaning my face from the sand and dripping on some of the sketches I had drawn.

By the time I got hold of myself a terrible event took place, I heard a scream and immediately looked up... it was Krax that took his life; I imagine the pain must just have been to great!

Fortunately Saintdaso our wonderful Cleric :) (seems the only one, except Eregil, that never picks on me), stepped out of the crowd and performed his magic:

And Krax was reborn to us.

There was much rejoicing to be had after the wedding and I think I had a few too many drinks as you may notice from my sketches.

One last thing I did notice though...... Kemric was getting his stick ready!

May you call your first born after me!

- Your poor and misunderstood reporter signing out :)

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Penalty – camping Lady Vox for a week solo – MUHAHAHAHAH!